CMCC’s Standing Committee on Campus Health

CMCC’s strategic plan affirms that improving human and environmental health and wellbeing is a critical determinant of learning, productivity and engagement among our students and employees. The mandate of the Standing Committee on Campus Health is to establish and assess a model for campus health and CMCC; and to provide leadership in advancing resources and initiatives that will enhance our campus community’s health and wellbeing. Membership includes students, faculty and administrative staff.

Chair: Kimberley Kelly, Director, Student Success

Model for campus health

As proposed by the Standing Committee and approved by CMCC’s Board of Governors, CMCC adopted the Okanagan Charter in May, 2018, which guides the International Health Promoting Campuses Network with 2 calls to action:

  1. To embed health into all aspects of campus culture, across the administration, operations and academic mandates
  2. To lead health promotion action and collaboration locally and globally

Health and Wellness Resources and Initiatives

The committee is currently working to increase student activities that cultivate a culture of inclusion on campus.

Personal and Academic Counselling Services, Peer Tutoring

Student Services offers personal and academic counselling services to our students, and runs our peer tutoring program. Peer mentoring for all incoming students is coordinated through Students’ Council.

Student Safety

Safety is the responsibility of everyone on campus, and by working together we can ensure that your rights and your security are protected.

Staying Healthy on Campus

CMCC students have access to fully equipped exercise and training rooms, a large multipurpose gymnasium and the student lounge, making it easy for students to take a break from studying and engage in physical activity. There is also a Reflection and Meditation Room where students can pause from their day and reflect, meditate and pursue independent spiritual activity. The Room is located in the CMCC Health Sciences Library to enhance its peaceful, quiet atmosphere.

Students' Council Health & Dental Plan

All Canadian students are charged a fee for the Students' Council Health & Dental Plan. This plan does not include international students (please refer to the International Student Health Insurance section in the International Applicants page). The Plan provides coverage for 12 months, from September 1 through August 31. If a student is already covered by an equivalent extended health and dental plan, he or she may opt out of the Plan, online, during the Change-of-Coverage Period (typically within the first three weeks of classes). The Plan also provides the option to enroll a spouse and/or dependents by paying an additional fee.

For more information, call 1 877 795 4422, or visit the CMCC Students' Council Health Plan website or see your Students' Council representative.

Chiropractic Services

CMCC Clinics offer free chiropractic services to students, faculty, and staff. Orthotic services are also available. The largest of our clinics is the Campus Clinic.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

CMCC offers the services of a registered massage therapist and an acupuncture provider to students, faculty, and staff. Appointments can be made by calling 416 482 2546.

The Okanagan Charter

CMCC adopted the Okanagan Charter in May 2018