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Accountable to the Board of Governors, the President is the chief executive officer of CMCC and is responsible for the execution of all directives of the Board including the effective management of the institution and its programs.

The President is:

  • A skillful leader who inspires, supports and motivates students, staff and faculty and who articulates and advocates for the unique role, vision and mission of CMCC within the chiropractic profession
  • A decisive yet collaborative decision maker who will provide strong leadership in academic programming, budgetary and fiscal management, strategic planning, and fundraising
  • Active, energetic, dynamic and well-organized, with an appreciation of the special culture and history of CMCC, and will lead the institution with a sense of pride in its accomplishments and excitement about its potential
  • A strong and effective communicator who will build and sustain effective relationships with alumni and members, professional partners, government and institutional partners

Key Competencies

Ethical Conduct, Academic Freedom and Integrity (characterized by serving within an academic environment supported by integrity and respect)

  • Demonstrates integrity in personal, professional and institutional practices
  • Models and champions CMCC’s core values, academic freedom and academic honesty
  • Builds a respectful, diverse and inclusive culture where decisions and transactions are transparent and fair
  • Holds themself, employees, and the institution accountable for their actions
  • Through their actions will enhance the institution’s reputation as a world leader in chiropractic education, research and patient care

Strategic Thinking (characterized by innovating through analysis and ideas)

  • Leads the institution forward by identifying strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities and developing and implementing a strategic Institutional Plan that ensures implementation of the institution’s mission and vision, fosters creativity and promotes future-forward initiatives
  • Provides leadership and overall direction for academic programs
  • Encourages the development of new ideas and approaches
  • Leads the institution with a clearly-defined sense of purpose and direction, but supports appropriate flexibility
  • Develops well-informed advice and strategies that are sensitive to the needs of multiple stakeholders and partners, reflects the strategic direction of the institution, and positions the institution for success

Engagement (characterized by mobilizing people, organizations, and partners)

  • Works in partnership with the Board of Governors during the development of policy and strategic direction, engaging in open and thoughtful consideration of all views while clearly communicating senior leadership’s position on issues
  • Responds to board inquiries, and carries out board initiatives, policies, or programs
  • Demonstrates acumen for relationship and community building which cultivates relationships with key stakeholders to ensure the institution’s success
  • Recruits and retains a motivated workforce by ensuring that people have the support and tools they need and that the workforce has the capacity and diversity to meet current and longer-term organizational objectives
  • Encourages and facilitates collaboration
  • Engages with professional stakeholders, partners, and constituencies in a shared agenda and strategy
  • Fosters a climate of innovation, scholarship and new knowledge generation

Management Excellence (characterized by managing people, finances and other resources to deliver programs and services)

  • Maintains academic programs in accordance with accreditation standards and ensures that the institution operates in compliance with applicable federal, provincial and local laws and regulations
  • Exercises the authority granted by the Board of Governors to effectively manage the institution
  • Ensures the effective stewardship of the institution’s finances to support the achievement of the strategic vision of the institution through the development and presentation of an annual operating and capital budget to the Board of Governors for approval and the ongoing monitoring of resources and financial performance
  • Embraces a prominent and sustained role in fundraising
  • Acts as the official spokesperson of the institution and is a resolute and compelling communicator
  • Delivers results by maximizing organizational effectiveness and sustainability
  • Promotes and sustains student success
  • Champions the student, patient, donor and customer experience by continuously working to improve service and performance
  • Embraces principles of accreditation, continuous quality improvement, reflection and institutional and programmatic assessment

Qualifications and Experience


  • EdD, PhD in Education, Higher Education Administration or Business Administration, or a clinical/basic sciences discipline.
  • Master’s degree in Education, Business Administration (MBA) or a clinical discipline would be an asset.
  • Doctor of Chiropractic degree would be an asset.

Leadership Experience

  • 10 or more years experience in senior academic leadership (minimum Dean level) in higher education, with experience in strategic planning, fundraising, faculty/staff relations, accreditation and new program development.
  • Experience in creating a mission and vision for an academic institution, articulating an approach to academic excellence in education, research and organizational leadership.
  • Experience in establishing a commitment to collegiality, student engagement and the pursuit of innovative strategic initiatives to position the institution as an education leader.
  • Outgoing personal style, with experience attracting, developing and nurturing relationships with alumni, donors, government and educational partners at the local, provincial, national and international levels to advance toward goals and objectives.
  • Energetic, passionate and committed; able to manage multiple competing initiatives and priorities, travel as necessary to association and partnership meetings and conferences in Canada and the USA and work on weekends and evenings to accomplish objectives.

Skills, Abilities and Knowledge

  • Models professionalism and the core values of CMCC: Communication, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.
  • Significant senior leadership and management experience with a complex organization in an educational or healthcare environment.
  • Maintains awareness of trends and innovations in education and business through self-study, life-long learning, meetings, conferences and relationships with healthcare, business, technology and education partners and influencers.
  • Track record in managing people and resources, and leading a strategic planning process.
  • Strong financial and business acumen including financial planning, reporting, analysis, budgeting and enterprise risk management; able to be proactive and thrive in a dynamic financial environment.
  • Experience in working with a Board of Governors and understanding Board relations and governance.
  • Exposure to large campus revitalization projects; financing, feasibility, and project sponsorship.
  • Experience introducing new technologies that enhance learning.
  • Polished presenter and confident public speaker.
  • Self-aware; able to accept constructive criticism from internal or external sources.
  • Committed to equity, diversity and inclusion practices, actions, initiatives and policies.

To express interest in this exciting opportunity, email your cover letter and resume to: Patrick Rowan, Partner, Feldman Daxon Partners, 45 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 700, Toronto, ON M4V 1K9, Tel: 416-515-3302 | Email: