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Practice OpportUnity '20

In association with the Ontario Chiropractic Association

Thank you for attending CMCC’s Practice OpportUnity event on Wednesday, February 12, 2020. We welcomed 33 exhibitors and 32 chiropractors and had 31 practice opportunities on display!

Practice OpportUnity is CMCC’s annual career fair and tradeshow, which presents a unique opportunity to meet and interact with over 500 CMCC students, chiropractors, and vendors, who supply the industry with products and services.
Practice OpportUnity provides access to a valuable demographic of the next generation of chiropractors. At Practice OpportUnity ‘20, chiropractors were able to discuss any of the following opportunities with students: Associateships, Practices for sale, Space for lease and Locums! In addition, vendors were able to showcase their latest equipment, supplies and services.
The event began with the Practice Realities Panel hosted by the title sponsor, the Ontario Chiropractic Association. This panel helped students uncover realistic expectations and challenges that they may experience after graduation, highlighting what strategies and support is available in navigating a career path in chiropractic.
Thank you to all of our sponsors, vendors and chiropractors! With your support, Practice OpportUnity ‘20 was a huge success! Mark your calendars, as Practice OpportUnity 2021 is tentatively scheduled to take place next February!
Sponsors of the event as well as photos can be viewed below.

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