Application Process for the Residency Program

Applications for August 2024 are open.

Deadline to submit application and supporting documentation is November 15, 2023

Contact admissions

Application Method

The following documentation is required in the Division of Student Services by the published deadline:

Part A

As part of your application, you will be required to submit a current curriculum vitae (CV) in the prescribed format of the CMCC CV template as well as completion of the Personal Essays form. All required documentation for online submission must be completed and uploaded before you will be able to complete your online application.

Part B

Have all official academic transcripts sent directly to the Division of Student Services c/o Graduate Studies, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Transcripts from institutions outside of North America must be sent by the applicant to the following agency for course-by-course evaluation:

World Education Services, Inc.

1400-2 Carlton Street

Toronto, ON M5B 1J3

Telephone: 416.972.0070 x5244 Fax: 416 972 9004

Applicants must set up an account with WES, designating CMCC as a recipient. Official copies of transcript evaluations must be forwarded directly to CMCC by the agency by the CMCC application deadline.

Part C

The following documents should be completed and forwarded to the appropriate individuals, who in turn must forward the completed form directly to the Division of Student Services c/o Graduate Studies, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Three Letters of Reference

Letter of Good Standing - Clinical Education

Information to aid in your submission


Please submit sealed copies of official transcripts from all chiropractic programs and post secondary institutions attended. If you are a CMCC student, upon completion of a Transcript Request Form, grades will be forwarded to Graduate Studies Admissions.

Personal Essays

There are four essays (each 250 words or less) that will aid the Selection Committee in obtaining a better understanding of your non-academic attributes and activities. Personal essays must be completed using the provided form.

Curriculum Vitae

The CV must be submitted according to the CMCC CV template.

Letters of Reference

Letters of reference are required from three individuals of your choice and should not include family members or friends. At least one must be from a community member (e.g. clergy, employer or supervisor) and one from a professional (e.g. a chiropractor or other health care practitioner).

It is your responsibility to ensure that the referee writes the letter and sends it to the Division of Student Services c/o Graduate Studies, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, by the appropriate deadline.

Letter of Good Standing

Sign and forward a letter of Good Standing Form for completion by the Clinic Director involved in your chiropractic education. The form is to be returned directly to CMCC by the Clinic Director by the appropriate deadline.