CMCC Students' Council


CMCC's Students' Council represents student interests in two ways: by acting as a liaison among students, administration and faculty; and by coordinating social and athletic programs and clubs that support a wide variety of interests.

Through Students' Council members or their designates, the students have representation on almost all College committees. The Council also appoints student members to various CMCC committees, and a faculty liaison – the Director of Student Services – advises the Council on administrative developments at CMCC. This ensures coordination among the many activities of the students, faculty and staff.

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Students' Council Directory

Office: 230a, Telephone: 416 482 2340 ext. 162,

2019-2020 CMCC Students' Council
President: Cheria Morgan
Vice President, Academic: Clare Lindon
Vice President, Student Life: Adam Solis
Treasurer: Elyse Black
Secretary: Megan Kamphuis
Social Director: Sydney Massey
Publicity Director: Sydney Leguard
Athletic Directors: Ryan Fitzgerald
Telise Carmichael
Yearbook Directors: Riaz Mohammed
Stephanie Romero
Year IV Reps: Junmo (Jun) Lee
Vivan Wang
Year III Reps: Emily Laudi
Garrett Duff
Year II Reps: Braedon Mitchell
Brianna Jarvin
Year I Reps: Lauren Baistrocchi
Greg MacMillian