Graduation Academic Awards

Find a listing of awards available for Year IV students approaching graduation.

Value: 1 year CCPA Membership

Dr. Donald Bramham of Regina was a long time Board Member of the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association (CCPA) and was instrumental in its creation. The CCPA has created this award to honour his prominent service to the profession. The recipient has achieved the second highest academic standing in Year IV and receives a complementary membership in the CCPA for the first year of his/her practice.

Value: $350 & 250

This scholarship has been established in memory of Konrad C. and Aurelia M. Istrati and their daughter, Dr. Delilah J. Istrati. It is awarded annually to two graduating students from Saskatchewan who have attained a high academic standing.

Value: $500

The valedictorian is awarded this scholarship, established by the family and friends of the late Judy Ladell.

Value: $2500

The Canadian Chiropractic Association presents this scholarship in memory of Dr. Sturdy, its first President and one of the founding members of CMCC. The award is given to the student who has achieved the highest overall academic standing during the four year program.

Value: $300

Dr. Gilbert H. Young was an outstanding leader of the profession both in his native British Columbia and across Canada. He served on the CMCC Board of Governors, including a two year term as Chair. The award, from a trust fund established from his estate, is given to the student with the highest academic standing in Year IV.