Group Study Rooms 

There are a number of group study rooms available at the Health and Sciences Library, along with individual computer stations. Students are free to use the rooms on a first-come, first-served basis. Please respect the no food or drinks policy. Bottled water is allowed. 

Faculty, staff or authorized peer tutors may book the study rooms or the computer lab for group teaching or training. Booking is done through the library staff.

Reflection and Meditation at CMCC

In support of its commitment to diversity, health and wellness, CMCC has created a Reflection and Meditation Room where students and employees can pause from their day and reflect, meditate and pursue independent spiritual activity. This room is located in the library and is intended to support such mindfulness for persons of all faiths, genders, cultures and abilities. It is expected that those who use the room will respect the following rules and guidelines, and the rights of all others while using it:

Rules and guidelines for its use:

  • To be used for reflection, meditation, silent individual and independent spiritual activity.
  • The maximum capacity  is two people.
  • If you are waiting to use the room, please wait quietly until it is available.
  • Please limit your use of the room to intervals of 15 minutes if someone is waiting to use it.
  • The reading area of the library is not to be used as overflow space to the room.
  • It is not a bookable space, nor is it a lounge, study room, or meeting room.
  • Users are not permitted to project sound of any nature (e.g., speech, music, chanting).
  • Footwear, backpacks and personal belongings must remain inside the room and be removed from the room after use.
  • No open flames, including lit candles, incense or the like, are permitted.
  • Mats/carpets used for reflection and meditation may not be stored in the room.
  • No food or beverages are allowed.
  • No posters, signs, or other displays are to be placed inside or outside the room.
  • Cell phone use in the room is for emergency use only. Cell phones must be placed on silent before entry.
  • Any questions on the above are to be directed to the Registrar.