Multifunctioning Printing Services at the Health Sciences Library

Multifunction printing services are available to students through the Sharp Multifunction Printers (MFP) located in the Library.

How to access this service

Here is some important information you need to know:

  • You will be required to register your HID student ID card (provided by Media Services) the first time you use the MFP. (Instructions can be accessed here: Student Printing Instructions - Registration)
  • There is a KIRO project site called CMCC Printing System that you have access to in order to ask questions and get information.
  • You can print from the Library and other public computers at CMCC or from your own laptop connected to the wireless network by clicking here.
  • You can top-up your account using the cash pay terminal located in the Library or a credit card to make a secure online payment by clicking here.
  • For support with the Sharp printers and/or multifunction services, please use the the phone located in the Library Print/Copy Room to contact the Help Desk directly.
  • Step-by-step instructions for multifunction services can be accessed through the following link: CMCC Multifunction Printing System - Quick Guide
  • Creation of digital copies of published works by scanning is governed by the fair dealings provisions of the Copyright Act which allow limited reproduction for research or private study. For specifics regarding copyright regulations, please refer to the Library’s copyright page at: Library Copyright Page


CMCC Printing Costs
Type of ServiceCost
Black & White Printing $0.10 per side of page (except Year IV students)
Black & White Printing $0.10 per side of page