Ontario Chiropractic Association’s Chiropractor of the Year for 2020

CMCC congratulates Dr. John DeFinney, Ontario Chiropractic Association’s Chiropractor of the Year for 2020.

Dr. John DeFinney was honoured this year by the Ontario Chiropractic Association for his significant contributions to chiropractic. Chiropractors are selected for this high achievement in recognition for their work in community services, patient care, research and advocacy.

DeFinney was recognized in a video tribute by longtime friends and colleagues, Drs. Silvano Mior, Gordon Lawson and Susan Gillis-Lawson, which can be seen here, along with his acceptance speech.

Along with his practice, DeFinney has spent his career building the profile of chiropractic sports medicine and is also known for his work with Mior in developing CMCC’s Backs in Motion Walk/Run. Backs in Motion Run/Walk is an event that was initiated to support CMCC’s clinic and which over the years has contributed millions to the clinic, to research programs, infrastructure and curriculum delivery. DeFinney coordinated the run from 1983 to 2020 and continues to assist with its logistics.

Mior calls DeFinney the kind of leader who always motivates and encourages by action. When he first began to think about a run for chiropractic, Mior says he went to DeFinney, the one runner he knew. “’I said, John, help us out.’ And he did. To date, the run has generated almost $2 million in donations.’”

Lawson, who has known DeFinney since 1972, says DeFinney brought forward the concept of active care, now standard within chiropractic, and was instrumental in the development of the Academy for Sports Sciences, known today as the Royal College of Sports Sciences RCCSS(C). Lawson says he can’t imagine would the profession would be without his contribution.

Gillis-Lawson worked with DeFinney and members of the Royal College of Sports Sciences RCCSS(C) to create the Foundation for the RCCSS (C). She says there was a huge reaction to DeFinney’s decision to retire. “John DeFinney is a loyal friend, a dedicated Doctor of Chiropractor and a very humble man. He has always stepped up to help. He very much deserves this award.”

You can watch the OCA's tribute video, along with DeFinney’s acceptance speech here.