CMCC Announces Accreditation Decisions for the Doctor of Chiropractic Program from the Councils on Chiropractic Education in Canada and the US

CMCC becomes the first Doctor of Chiropractic program accredited by two different Council on Chiropractic Education organizations, allowing CMCC students to become eligible to apply for licensure anywhere in North America

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, January 27, 2022. The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College is pleased to announce that the Council on Chiropractic Education Canada (CCEC) has reaffirmed CMCC’s accreditation status in Canada for the maximum period of eight years.

Additionally, CMCC made its first application to the Council on Chiropractic Education in the US (CCE) and received a favourable decision to be awarded accreditation for the doctor of chiropractic degree program, enabling future CMCC graduates to apply directly for licensure in the US. 

Accreditation status is one of the key elements in allowing CMCC to award credit, grant degrees, and access federal, provincial and regional government funding aid for students.

CCEC Accreditation Renewal

CMCC has been accredited for many years by the Council on Chiropractic Education Canada (CCEC). CMCC undergoes a comprehensive process periodically to reaffirm accreditation. The review process began over 18 months ago and included the development of a self-study report, a site team visit in June 2021 and a status review meeting.

The final accreditation report concluded that CMCC met all accreditation requirements in the CCEC standards for accreditation.  

CCE US Initial Accreditation

CMCC pursued US accreditation as a strategic decision, strongly supported by the Board of Governors, to provide greater opportunities for graduates to practice outside of Canada, to meet a growing demand for mobility and to guide institutional reflection and improvement.

The initial application, submitted in 2019, was accepted and initiated the development of a comprehensive self-study report submitted in 2021. Following a review of the report, a site team from CCE conducted its visit in September 2021 and forwarded its findings to the Council for consideration at its January 2022 meeting. The Council deliberated over the self-study report, the site visit team report and CMCC’s response, and answers to questions posed to CMCC’s representatives at the meeting. At the conclusion of this process, and in accordance with CCE Standards relating to initial accreditation, CMCC was awarded programmatic accreditation by the CCE through 2025 and will have its next accreditation hearing in January 2026. The Council congratulated CMCC on this achievement.

Both accreditation site visit teams made several observations and suggestions that are being taken into consideration for curricular improvement and for inclusion in CMCC’s next strategic planning process.

“These are outstanding accomplishments. We have a great institution and degree program. We have now received back-to-back reviews by the CCEC and CCE, both of which concluded that our program meets all the accreditation standards. I’m thankful to have such a strong team at CMCC driving us to excellence in education, clinical care and research. I’m proud of the Executive Leadership Team members, and others across our campus, who have not only excelled in keeping our program running smoothly and keeping our students and employees safe during a pandemic, but for also absorbing the extra load of two accreditation reviews. Our very strong program completion rates and outstanding CCEB competency exam scores are reflective of the quality of the curriculum, the strength of our faculty, and the excellence of our students. Accreditation, at its heart, is a process of critical appraisal, self-reflection and peer review that ultimately leads to improvements. We learned a great deal from the two reviews and are determined to address our weaknesses and continue to improve.” 

David J. Wickes, President CMCC


The Doctor of Chiropractic degree program at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College is awarded programmatic accreditation by The Council on Chiropractic Education, 10105 E. Via Linda, Suite 103 – 3642, Scottsdale, AZ, 85258-4321, Phone: (480) 443 8877, Website:

The Doctor of Chiropractic degree program of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College is accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education Canada (CCEC) of the Federation of Canadian Chiropractic (FCC), 5657 Spring Garden Road, Suite 502, Halifax, NS B3J 3R4, Phone: (902) 406 4351, Website: