David Starmer, BSc(Hons), DC, MHS

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Title: Education Coordinator SIM Lab
Department: Undergraduate Education


I am the Education Coordinator for CMCC’s simulation lab and was a past instructor in the departments of Clinical Diagnosis, Clinical Education, and Chiropractic Therapeutics. My primary instructional roles are teaching technique, therapeutic modalities, and providing students with clinical simulations. Along with completing my chiropractic degree, I earned a master’s degree in Health Studies along with completing a certificate program in health care simulation education. Along with my instructional workload I am an active researcher involved in spinal manipulation training, and simulation education. My research activities have led to several publications, multiple workshops at international conferences, along with providing numerous platform presentations. My research has contributed to the invention, trademark and patent of the Force Sensing Table Technology (FSTT™), and the Human Analogue Manikins (HAM™) used in the Simulation Lab and sold internationally.

Selected Publications

Triano, J. J., Lester, S., Starmer, D., & Hewitt, E. G. (2017). Manipulation Peak Forces Across Spinal Regions for Children Using Mannequin Simulators. Journal Of Manipulative And Physiological Therapeutics, 40(3), 139-146. doi:10.1016/j.jmpt.2017.01.001

Triano, J. J., Giuliano, D., Kanga, I., Starmer, D., Brazeau, J., Screaton, C. E., & Semple, C. (2015). Consistency and malleability of manipulation performance in experienced clinicians: a pre-post experimental design. Journal Of Manipulative And Physiological Therapeutics, 38(6), 407-415. doi:10.1016/j.jmpt.2015.05.002

Starmer, D. J., Duquette, S. A., Guiliano, D., Tibbles, A., Miners, A., Finn, K., & Stainsby, B. E. (2014). Observed improvements in an intern's ability to initiate critical emergency skills in different cardiac arrest scenarios using high-fidelity simulation. The Journal Of Chiropractic Education, 28(2), 164-167. doi:10.7899/JCE-13-33

Starmer, D. J., Guist, B. P., Tuff, T. R., Warren, S. C., & Williams, M. R. (2016). Changes in Manipulative Peak Force Modulation and Time to Peak Thrust among First-Year Chiropractic Students Following a 12-Week Detraining Period. Journal Of Manipulative And Physiological Therapeutics, 39(4), 311-317. doi:10.1016/j.jmpt.2016.02.010

A complete list of my publications can be found on Google Scholar or ResearchGate.