Dr. Natalia Lishchyna

Bronte Harbour Chiropractic Clinic

M10 – 6, W11 – 7, F8 – 2

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Areas of Expertise

Fellow of the College of Chiropractic Clinical Sciences

Master of Science, Chiropractic Practice

Municipal Councillor, Town of Oakville

Areas of Interest

Interprofessional communication

Clinical decision making


Inflammatory arthritides

Seniors Care


Professional advocacy

Political and corporate governance

Number of years in practice


Techniques used


Soft-tissue therapy



“In what ways do you interact with other health professionals?”

It’s important to me that that the next generation of chiropractors has the knowledge, skills and confidence to communicate and work with other health care practitioners in a patient-centred care model. Every patient at the Bronte Clinic (with patient consent) has a clinical note that goes out to the family physician, specialist and/or other referral sources such as a naturopathic doctor and massage therapist. We communicate directly with MD clinics to request additional information such as imaging or lab reports and follow through with re-evaluation and discharge notes. Interns at Bronte are part of the patient’s circle of care and contribute to improved health outcomes.