Dr. Janet D’Arcy

Sherbourne Health Centre

M 7 – 3, W 7 - 3, F 12 - 6

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Areas of Expertise (including any fellowships):

Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences FRCCSS(C)

Areas of Interest

Chronic sports injuries

Running injuries

Pregnancy related back pain

Family practice

DNS & Rehabilitation

HIV/AIDS and MSK pain

Number of Years in Practice:

25 years

Techniques Used in Private Practice



Acupuncture (CAFCI)

“How do you approach practice?”

When I first started practice my preferred demographic was chronic sports injuries, because I enjoyed the challenge of trying to identify causal factors which were a key to successful long term treatment. I realized after quite a few years that the process of identifying causality is important for all conditions; not just chronic sports injuries. My goal in training interns it to teach them to ask why an injury has happened – which will lead the search for dysfunction. This will not only guide treatment, but more importantly define what rehabilitation needs to take place, which will lead to a better result in the long term.