Dr. Jaclyn Kissel

Sherbourne Health Centre

T 11:30 - 8, Th 11:30 - 8, S 8 – 1

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Areas of Expertise (including any fellowships):

Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences


Areas of Interest

Sports injury assessment, management, and prevention

Injury-specific rehabilitation

Clinical reasoning skill development

Interprofessional communication

Running Biomechanics and analysis

Pre and Post Natal Care

Biopsychosocial model of pain


Number of Years in Practice:

13 years


Techniques Used in Private Practice


Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Active Release Techniques/Graston

Injury Specific Rehabilitation

FRC Certified


“In what ways do you interact with other health professionals?”

In private practice I work with a team of other health care professionals, which creates a great work environment for interprofessional communication, education, and care of patients.  It is important to do what is best for your patient and know when to refer to other health practitioners.  When required I do refer to medical doctors when a condition is out of my scope of practice or requires further testing. Often times I co-manage with medical doctors on cases. Working as a team benefits the patient in more ways than one.