Dr. Edward Crowther

Bowmanville Health Centre


Areas of Expertise (including any fellowships):

Fellow, College of Chiropractic Sciences (Canada)

MS Health Services Administration

EdD Health Policy and Health Education

Areas of Interest:

Teaching and Learning Evidence Based Clinical Practice

Healthcare Quality


Reflective Practice

Number of Years in Practice:

39 years

Techniques Used in Private Practice


 “In what ways do you interact with other health professionals?”

My early interactions in working with other health professionals came out of the multidiscipline assessment frameworks in both the motor vehicle accident and Workplace Safety and insurance Board areas where changes in legislation brought diverse health professionals together to address the needs of payors and injured motorists and workers. This has expanded to included multidiscipline research in the areas of largely pediatric disorders and teaching positions within both medical and chiropractic programs internationally. What has become clear to me over the years, and in the context of my experiences, is that all health professionals, independent of training and philosophy, share both a common commitment to their patients, and awareness of their limitations in their knowledge and skills to help their patients. It is this appreciation that can bring disparate health professionals together in a shared commitment to multidiscipline care for the benefit of our patients.