Dr. Alex Lee

Campus Clinic

T 7 – 3, Th 7 – 3, Sat 8 - 2

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Areas of Expertise (including any fellowships):

Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences

Areas of Interest

Sports injury assessment, management, and prevention

Injury-specific rehabilitation

Clinical reasoning skill development

Interprofessional communication

ACL reconstruction rehabilitation

Number of Years in Practice:

13 years

Techniques Used in Private Practice



Active Release Techniques

Injury Specific Rehabilitation

“In what ways do you interact with other health professionals?”

I am a firm believer in developing interprofessional relationships.  From my experiences in my own private practice and working in multiple sports health care settings, it is important that we work collaboratively with other health providers to improve the care of the patient. I have worked collaboratively with physicians, sports physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, massage therapists and athletic therapists. There is much to learn from each other and building strong collaborations will make you a better practitioner, and your patients will benefit from this expertise.