Current Funding Needs


Awards and Scholarships

Financing a professional program requires planning, budgeting and support. To help students balance the costs, CMCC offers over 90 scholarships, awards and bursaries. If you are interested in creating an award, we invite you to pursue the current awards. There are many ways to fund this type of student support and we would be happy to discuss them with you.

Clinical Outcomes, Health Services and Policy Research

Research directed towards improving outcomes for musculoskeletal conditions, a foundational component of chiropractic care, through studies focusing on clinical assessment and interventions. Primary areas of study include clinical guideline development, systematic reviews, studies of assessment and diagnosis, clinical and cost-effectiveness trials, prognosis, disability, rehabilitation and health services.

The Physiological Effects of Chiropractic Adjustments

CMCC researchers are conducting a number of basic scientific studies to understand the mechanisms by which chiropractic care achieves its many effects. Among the projects underway are studies of the role of inflammation, the effects of spinal cord and nerve root compression, the role of sensory input from the vertebral arteries and molecular responses to cervical adjustment.

Annual Research Updates

Each year, our researchers provide an update on current projects they are working on in their respective areas. Their updates are shared below:

Lecture Hall Seat Fund

Leave your legacy in CMCC's Lecture Hall

The CMCC campus, with its spacious atrium, world class library and state of the art lecture halls, is the face of chiropractic in Canada. Within the lecture halls, individual careers and the collective future of the profession are formed.

For a small donation, you can add your name or that of a loved one to be engraved on a gold plaque on a seat in one of the lecture halls commemorating the time spent in achieving a dream and encouraging future classes to pursue theirs.

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