Contact Admissions

An application must be completed online at

The deadline for receipt of applications and all the required documentation for general admission is November 30 at 11:59 p.m. Due to the nature of the selection process, this deadline applies to all documentation and cannot be extended.

In addition to the online application, official academic transcripts from all post-secondary institutions at which the applicant has been registered, and all additional documentation required for international applicants (or those studying in a foreign university), are to be submitted by the deadline.

Notification of outcome

Applicants to the general admissions stream will be notified of their application outcome by mid-April.

Some applicants may be given conditional offers of admission pending the successful completion of CMCC's academic entrance requirements. All courses must be successfully completed by May 31 prior to admission.  Such offers of admission are conditional upon the applicant's GPA on the minimum academic requirements being greater than or equal to the GPA that was calculated to assess admission eligibility upon submission of the application. CMCC reserves the right to review conditional offers and determine if the offer of admission will be withdrawn.

Unsuccessful applicants who wish to reapply are required to complete a new application and resubmit supporting documentation. Applicants reapplying for admission are required to meet the submission deadline for the next application cycle.

Acceptance and registration

Applicants receiving an admission offer must confirm their intention to attend CMCC by submitting a completed registration form, a non-refundable acceptance/registration fee and a post-dated cheque for the first tuition installment.

In addition, the following documents must be provided by the stated deadline for acceptance: final transcripts (for their current year of study); results of a two-step tuberculin test (within last six months) and/or chest X-ray (within last 12 months); Standard First Aid Certificate and Basic Rescuer (CPR) Certificate, level C (adults/children and infants)