What distinguishes CMCC  

Since 1945, CMCC graduates have been reducing pain, increasing mobility, activity and improving the health and lives of people in their communities. Some have gone on to take leadership roles in universities and chiropractic institutions across the globe. They sit on World Health Organization advisory boards, champion health care and health care education in the third world and underserved Canadian communities. They participate in fundraising and outreach in partnership with CMCC. They impact health policy through research and knowledge translation.   

Through their leadership, insight and compassion, CMCC graduates are changing lives. 

Our model of education 

In 2019, CMCC President Dr. David Wickes signed the International Clinical and Professional Chiropractic Education Position Statement. In doing so, he clarified for students CMCC’s model of care and understanding of chiropractic as a primary health care profession with expert knowledge in spinal and musculoskeletal health emphasizing differential diagnosis, patient-centred care and research. 

Our evolving curriculum 

CMCC ensures that our curriculum, learning strategies, and business models continue to adapt to the needs of a 21st century chiropractor able to provide evidence-based care in a variety of settings. We continue to develop curriculum delivery, applying the latest research calling for experiential and small group learning, the success of which has been guiding curriculum delivery to increasing levels of long-term retention. 


An early adoption of lecture capture technology has made it possible for CMCC to offer recorded video of lectures and procedures for students to review on demand. This foresight also made it possible for CMCC to pivot online during the pandemic. During a time of worldwide disruption to education, CMCC continued to hold classes and enabled its students to graduate on time. 


In developing its FSTT® program that uses force-sensing table technology to measure the force of adjustments, CMCC students are provided an exceptional tool to refine their technique skills.  


In January 2023, CMCC’s five year passing rate for students taking the chiropractic examining board exams the first time was greater than the average of all non-CMCC students.   


Fueling chiropractic research and innovation 

CMCC has a long-standing reputation in research and pioneering graduate and scholarly work among chiropractic programs worldwide. As a global leader in manual skills development and assessment ranging from biomarkers to biomechanical measures, we ensure the quality and impact of research stays high. Our commitment to the advancement of the chiropractic profession is closely tied to performing research in the core elements of chiropractic, including basic science studies in neurophysiology, mechanotransduction, mechanisms of pain and inflammation, spinal manipulation, biomechanics, and clinical outcomes. 

CMCC is also the home to Canada’s first sports research practice-based research network (PBRN) reaching across Canada, this new and dynamic network of more than 25 clinics is answering vital questions about the role of chiropractic in sports.   

Elevating patient care 

With a dual commitment to education and providing top-tier patient care, CMCC continues to enhance and expand its patient care facilities, expand its clinical programs and engage in vital community outreach initiatives including specialty programs such as the spinal stenosis bootcamp and the GLAD® osteoarthritis program while continuing to provide treatment for marginalized communities in the inner city. CMCC offers clinical practicums in hospital settings, multidisciplinary centres, and in stand alone chiropractic clinics.  

And that’s just our educational  program! 

CMCC offers a number of student-run clubs, offers an on-site fitness room and gymnasium for team sports.