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Doctor of Chiropractic Online Video-based Interview 


Admissions interviews are granted to select applicants. Possession of the minimum academic requirements does not guarantee an interview. The admissions interview is a video-based interview, during which select applicants will have the opportunity to share their knowledge, judgement and reasoning skills in preparation for their education and career in the chiropractic profession.  

Applicants will be provided with an individual log-in link to the online system, and proceed through a series of interview questions that they will answer through a video platform. The system will guide applicants through a series of sample questions to ensure that their computer system is compatible and that they are comfortable with the interface.  

Applicants will be provided with a number of hypothetical situations and are encouraged to consider what strategies they would utilize in their response to the situation. A strong interview response will not only provide details about the strategy, but also will clearly demonstrate their reasoning, as well as their understanding of potential obstacles, barriers and consequences they may encounter. 


Behavior based competencies 

CMCC has adopted CanMEDS educational framework for a competency-based assessment and education for its Doctor of Chiropractic Program. Based upon those professional competencies and standards, we are specifically interested in learning more about an applicant as a: 

  • Communicator
  • Collaborator
  • Leader/Manager
  • Health Advocate
  • Scholar
  • Professional

Applicants should reflect upon these competencies within what they understand to be the daily professional life of a chiropractor, and consider the extent to which each competency factors into professional success. A good way to explore this would be to speak with chiropractors and other health care professionals to understand how this occurs. 

Applicants are also strongly advised to seek the support of their university career centre, where career counsellors and coaches can help prepare for this specific style of interview.