Our four year Doctor of Chiropractic Program provides an integrative curriculum aligned with CMCC's model of care, which recognizes chiropractic as a primary contact health care profession, and chiropractors as having expert knowledge in spinal and musculoskeletal health, emphasizing differential diagnosis, patient-centred care, and research.

Beginning in Year I, and increasingly throughout the program, students integrate and apply theoretical knowledge to clinical practice, patient care and management. Presented through four modules over the year, courses and content are layered over single or multiple modules to facilitate the integration of knowledge, skill and practice.

The program is grounded in evidence-informed practice and care - meaning that students learn to critically examine emerging research and integrate that knowledge into an ability to make clinical decisions relating to diagnosis and treatment. Equally important, we teach that patient preferences and expectations underpin the ways that our future chiropractors balance knowledge from research and clinical practice into their individualized approach to helping patients.

Years I and II

In Years I and II, students build their foundation of knowledge in basic sciences and pathology for clinical skills and decision making while also getting hands on experience through courses in chiropractic skills, diagnosis and symptomatology, orthopaedics and diagnostic imaging.

Year III

Year III emphasizes knowledge integration through the use of case-based clinical material to prepare students for internship in the CMCC clinics.

Year IV

Year IV is a 12 month clinical internship in two of CMCC's many diverse clinical settings where interns provide direct care and education to patients under the supervision of a licensed chiropractor. Year IV students also engage in capstone learning experiences including laboratory clerkships and advanced diagnostic imaging, public health and business management.

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