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Chiropractic is among a group of Canadian health care professions that is well positioned to not only diagnose and treat illness, but also to engage people in communities around the world in active preventative health care.

Looking forward to 2022, the chiropractic profession is projected for stable and steady growth across Canada according to Stats Canada, with a balance of supply and demand for competent, evidence-based chiropractors.

While most chiropractors are in private practice, increasing numbers of interdisciplinary health care practices have led to new opportunities for chiropractors to collaborate in providing integrated care in partnership with other regulated health care professionals. There are also a small number of chiropractors working in research hospitals and other institutions. Chiropractors hold leadership positions in organizations and government agencies that shape the future of health care in Canada.

CMCC is proud to count over 7,000 alumni serving in these diverse roles in 52 countries worldwide. Chiropractic is a hands-on health care profession and one that specializes in patient-centred spinal and musculoskeletal care. If you see yourself in that same future, CMCC is the place to be.

Quick facts on chiropractic in Canada

Chiropractic is:

  • Used by 4.5 million Canadians each year
  • A regulated health profession recognised by legislation in all Canadian provinces and American states
  • One of the fastest growing health care professions in Canada with more than 7,000 chiropractors practicing across the country and around the world
  • Drug free, non-invasive, and preventative
  • Emphasizes differential diagnosis, patient centred care and research.
  • Focusses on patient care, collaboration, community and lifelong learning.