Admissions Process

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Enrolment is limited, and the most qualified candidates will be selected for admission. Offers are extended to applicants with the highest overall application scores—regardless of undergraduate field of study, province or region. A geographically diverse student population from a range of academic backgrounds helps to cultivate a rich and dynamic learning environment that sets the foundation for an exciting future in chiropractic.

Academic Assessment

The academic assessment is based on the last three full years (15 full credit courses or 90 credit hours) of undergraduate university level courses reported at the application deadline. All qualifying postsecondary courses are converted to the CMCC 4.00 grade point scale, and grades included in the admissions Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) are determined in reverse chronological order. There are no pre-requisites for admission.

Admissions Interview

Interviews are granted if the applicant meets the required undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.50 on CMCC's 4.00 scale. The video based interview lasts approximately 30 minutes.

  • Qualified candidates are notified of the interview date. Applicants who have not been granted an interview will also be notified.
  • The interview fee is due in advance of the interview.
  • All interviews are conducted in English using an online video interview platform.

Personal Statement

Applicants will be required to answer written questions that describe their motivation and preparation for postgraduate study in chiropractic. These written questions will be asked at the end of the video interview.