Admissions Process

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General Entry

Enrolment is limited. CMCC will select the most qualified candidates for admission. Possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee an interview or offer of admission.

Application Deadline

An application must be completed online at by the application deadline noted on the CMCC online application portal. Due to the nature of the selection process, the deadline applies to all documentation and cannot be extended.

Application Fee

All applications are subject to a non-refundable application fee, payable online by credit card.

Submission of Documentation

The following documentation is required to be received in Student Services by the published deadline:

  • online application
  • official academic transcripts received directly from all postsecondary institutions at which the applicant has been registered
  • all additional documentation required for international applicants or those studying in a foreign university, if applicable.

Academic Assessment

  • The CGPA for the purpose of assessing admission eligibility will be calculated based upon the equivalent of the last three full years of study (15 full courses or 90 credits) as taken in reverse chronological order as reflected upon the applicant’s transcript(s). For the purpose of the academic assessment, all qualifying university level courses are converted to a 4.00 grade point scale.

    • Only pre-professional university undergraduate level courses will be included

      in the admission CGPA computation. Grades for courses taken at the graduate

      and/ or professional school level will not be assessed. However, applicants

      holding a completed Masters or Doctoral degree at the time of application

      will be initially assessed based upon their undergraduate program of study. If

      eligible, they will then be ranked at the 75th percentile of the applicant pool or

      their undergraduate CGPA, whichever is higher.

    • Applicants who apply prior to the completion of the equivalent of three years

      (15 full courses or 90 credits) of university level study will be assessed for

      admission on the basis of having completed two full years (10 full courses or

      60 credits). If deemed eligible and successful in the application for admission,

      an offer of admission will be conditional upon the successful completion of the

      minimum academic requirements before May 31 of the year of registration.

    • Credits earned by courses taken in Advanced Placement (AP) or International

      Baccalaureate (IB) programs will not be included in the CGPA calculation and

      will not be counted toward the minimum admissions standard.

      CMCC Academic Calendar 2022-2023 37

    • Unassigned transfer credits shown on the applicant’s transcript will not

      be included in the calculation of the application CGPA. These credits will,

      however, count toward the minimum number of credits required for admission

      should it be necessary to count them in the assessment of the minimum


  • Applicants whose academic record does not fully reflect their capabilities due to

    extenuating circumstances may submit additional documentation at the time of

    application. Submissions will be reviewed and decisions to amend the associated

    component of the admissions score will be determined by the Registrar.

Admission Interview

Interviews are granted to select applicants. Possession of the minimum academic

requirements does not guarantee an interview.

• The interview assesses competencies that have been identified as being vital for

success in chiropractic education.

• Qualified candidates are notified of the interview date. Applicants who have not been

granted an interview will also be notified.

• A non-refundable interview fee is due in advance of the interview.

• All interviews are conducted in English using an online video interview platform.

Personal Statement

Candidates will be required to provide a written submission that describes their motivation and preparation for a professional healthcare program.

Notification of Outcome

All applicants will be notified of their application outcome.

Offers of admission will be determined based on an admission score, calculated in a manner that weighs the grade point average at the time of application, interview score and personal statement score. Additional points related to strategic enrollment priorities may be assigned to the admissions score in addition to the aforementioned weightings. The extent to which additional points are allocated for this purpose will be determined in accordance with the institution’s strategic plan and with the approval of the appropriate institutional governance bodies.

Some applicants may be given conditional offers of admission pending the successful completion of CMCC’s academic admission requirements. All courses must be successfully completed by May 31 of the year of registration, and the applicant’s grade point average on all completed courses must be greater than or equal to the grade point average as calculated during the academic assessment.

Unsuccessful applicants who wish to reapply are required to complete a new application and resubmit supporting documentation. Applicants reapplying for admission are required to meet the submission deadline and admission requirements for the next application cycle. All decisions will be made in the sole discretion of CMCC.


• Failure by the applicant to comply with the application instructions or meet the deadline for all documentation may result in cancellation of the application and forfeiture of the application fee.

• An applicant supplying documentation or information that is found to be falsified, incomplete or misleading at the time of presentation, or subsequently, may be withdrawn from consideration and the application fee forfeited. Any student admitted to the program having submitted incorrect information will be required to withdraw with failure.

• CMCC reserves the right to make changes to admission requirements at any time without notice. Please visit for up to date information.