External Clinical and Research Practica for Chiropractic Residency Programs

The graduate student’s diagnostic and treatment skills are further developed at specialized external clinical rotations. Multidisciplinary interactions are incorporated into the programs and each program has mandatory and optional practica consistent with the specialty program. As well, each graduate student who receives a Fellowship Award is required to participate in a placement treating patients in an outpatient hospital clinic or alternate facility, as deemed appropriate by the Director, Graduate Studies, Vice President, Academic, and the Program Coordinator.

Opportunities may be offered to other graduate students, based on availability. Graduate students are to check directly with the Director for the appropriate practicum. The following placements are currently available:

Sports Sciences graduate students spend one day per week for up to eight weeks working with elite athletes at a clinic in Orillia, Ontario. This is a practical rotation involving assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.

Clinical Sciences graduate students spend two days per week for three months at the hospital. One day per week involves provision of chiropractic treatment under the supervision/mentorship of a chiropractor. One day per week involves observational clinic placements with medical specialists such as rheumatologists, attendance at hospital rounds and interprofessional education opportunities.

CMCC graduate students spend three days per week for six months at the hospital, providing chiropractic treatment two days per week at the Sumac Creek Health Centre, in the Department of Family and Community Medicine for patients referred from the Academic Family Health Team. One day a week involves observational clinic placements with family physicians in the hospital, review of patient cases with a Chiropractic Fellow and involvement in interprofessional education rounds.

Sports Sciences graduate students spend several weekends attending elite taekwondo tournaments. This is a practical rotation involving assessments, treatments and rehabilitation of competitors, under the supervision of Sports Fellows.

Clinical Sciences Graduate students have the opportunity to attend a 6-8 week placement at one of World Spine Care’s international clinic locations. This practical placement involves the provision of patient care in a rural setting and the mentorship of an onsite World Spine Care chiropractor. Students interested in attending this placement must inform the Director, Graduate Studies by June 30, prior to entry into their first year.

In addition to the above placements, CMCC has placements with several other facilities, which aid in expanding the educational knowledge of the graduate students.