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The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College is a signatory to the International Clinical and Professional Chiropractic Education Position Statement 

The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) Board of Governors announced March 27, 2019, that CMCC had become a signatory to the International Chiropractic Education Collaboration Clinical and Professional Chiropractic Education Position Statement, joining 12 institutions around the world. 

The statement, originally formulated as a collaborative effort among several European chiropractic institutions and one in South Africa was formally released at the 2015 scientific meeting of the World Federation of Chiropractic in Athens, and updated in 2017. The statement was developed as a way to provide a cohesive view of how, in the interest of the welfare of the patient, chiropractic education should be of the highest quality and founded on the principles of evidence-based care, with curricula that is responsive to changing patient, societal and community needs and expectations within a modern health care system. 

Dr. Rahim Karim, Chair of the CMCC Board of Governors noted, “The Board of Governors has dedicated considerable thought and deliberation to this issue over the past several years, and the final decision to move forward into joining this collaborative effort was unanimously approved at our October 2018 meeting. We feel it is time to make our educational position clear regarding the alignment of our curriculum, research efforts and model of care with our continued emphasis upon evidence-based and patient-centred care.” 

Reflecting on this important milestone in the history of CMCC, President Dr. David Wickes commented, “CMCC is committed to continually evolve its programs and realize our vision to create leaders in spinal health. We have undertaken extraordinary efforts over the past few years to emphasize the rapid translation of research into our curriculum and patient care practices, and to forge partnerships with other innovative institutions. Declaring our support for the Position Statement will better enable us to attract the best students and faculty, and to strengthen and build trust with the public, partners and communities we serve.” 

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