For students, financing a professional program requires considerable planning, budgeting and support. To help balance costs, CMCC offers close to 100 scholarships, awards and bursaries, made possible through the generosity of supporters, to help talented students become chiropractors.

CMCC selects students on the basis of their academic and professional backgrounds in addition to their skills, interests and commitment to the profession. Each has the potential to become a superior doctor of chiropractic.

Your gift can make a career in chiropractic financially accessible to more students – and make a pivotal difference in their lives by helping them reach their potential.

What your support will do:

  • Ensure deserving students are not left behind due to their inability to afford the program
  • Allow students to focus more time on CMCC’s vigorous academic program on their way to becoming competent and  successful chiropractors and less on having to meet their expenses
  • Reward and recognize students in their pursuit of excellence