CMCC is known internationally for its high academic standards. Achieving pass rates of 98% on domestic board exams and excelling at US board exams has earned our graduates a reputation that opens doors both at home and abroad.

The achievements of our students are the result of four years of comprehensive and rigorous training that leads to their doctor of chiropractic degrees. The curriculum is presented in a series of study modules – each dedicated to a specific anatomical region – with faculty working together to coordinate content and ensure that understanding is comprehensive and complete. Combining lectures, labs, case studies and clinical internship provides a smooth transition from academic knowledge to diagnosis, treatment and management of patients’ conditions.

How we equip and administer the curriculum enhances its value and the experience of our students. Improved laboratory facilities, an outstanding chiropractic library and online learning communities are all supported by our Academic Fund and are just some examples of its benefits.

Your contribution to academic programming assures:

  • Superior instructors and mentors for students
  • Freedom for the academic innovation that leads to increasingly superior course delivery
  • The development of community teaching clinics that give students the opportunity to work with diverse populations and benefit patients from a variety of backgrounds