The McMorland Family Research Chair in Mechanobiology

Critical to the growth of the profession and our influence on health policy, CMCC has appointed a Research Chair, Mechanobiology. Dr. Samuel Howarth (PhD), the current Chair is leading the development of research and scholarships in Spine Mechanobiology with a focus on methods of study for instability, degeneration and subluxation. We are seeking financial support from interested partners, donors and industry to achieve a $3.5 million endowment fund that will ensure consistent funding.

Your contribution will enable us to:

  • Further explain the mechanics of chiropractic care, making it more widely understood and accessible to the larger health care community and a broader patient base
  • Allow for greater knowledge transfer between health care professions
  • Use research findings to update and improve our education and clinical programming
  • Yield a body of work that demonstrates professional maturity that contributes to health care policy development

CMCC has one of the most innovative chiropractic research programs in North America. The quality and strength of our research is recognised worldwide. It improves the education of tomorrow’s chiropractors and results in more effective delivery of patient care.

Research Agenda

Two Centres of Research Excellence: While CMCC has historically been involved in both clinical and basic science studies, our long term research focus remains on clinical studies. With this in mind, our agenda includes establishing two centres - one to study the mechanics of treatment, and the other to study health policy and patient access to treatment. With these two areas as our primary focus, chiropractic research at CMCC will continue to elevate the quality of education and help improve patient care. CMCC continues to pursue its research agenda with the brightest minds in their fields through continued collaboration with universities, hospitals and research centres.

The Centre for the Study of Mechanobiology, Injury, and Health

This Centre (with an associated Research Chair) will investigate how mechanical stresses of everyday activities, and the physical therapeutic interventions to treat them can influence cell and tissue function for health or disease. This is the realm of chiropractic.

The Centre for Interprofessional Health Dynamics

The Centre for Interprofessional Health Dynamics will investigate the dynamics of interprofessional care and its impact on public health, health policy and chiropractic practice. Health policy and systems dynamics researchers will study the role of chiropractic in total health care, and how integrated health care can benefit patients and society, to improve patient access to care, quality and comprehensiveness of care and more effective use of resources.