CMCC’s campus at 6100 Leslie Street is a space designed to facilitate education, inspire learning and leadership, and foster the potential of tomorrow’s chiropractors. It is responsible for approximately 180 new graduates moving into the professional world each year, in addition to a growing number of graduate students. Practical technical design, environmentally conscious building practices and architectural excellence make it attractive to faculty and students; and a landmark for chiropractic in Canada.

One building hosts all of our education and research facilities – including laboratories, a radiology department, a teaching and rehabilitation clinic, and the CMCC Health Sciences Library, which hosts the largest collection of chiropractic resources in Canada.

It is also home to the CMCC Supply Centre and Bookstore, one of the largest suppliers of chiropractic and rehabilitation products in Canada. The Supply Centre carries all textbooks and manuals for classes in addition to reference material and general interest books.

The building’s unique features include:

  • Simulation labs where students and interns can develop diagnostic, treatment and radiology skills
  • A large chiropractic library complete with the first online archival database devoted to the study of the history of chiropractic
  • Six research labs
  • An anatomy lab, one of only 10 in Ontario
  • A 7,000 sq ft campus clinic, where interns hone their skills with accomplished clinicians, accommodating 35,000 patient visits per year