CMCC membership supports our mission to deliver world class chiropractic education, research and patient care. Our commitment to our students and the profession is one of continual improvement.

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Studies show that public awareness about scientific evidence for chiropractic care directly translates to increased utilization of chiropractic services. For these reasons, CMCC sees its role as not only contributing to clinical trials, but providing a foundational, unique body of knowledge that reaffirms chiropractic’s cultural authority in the field of spinal health care.

As a CMCC member, your support helps us to provide chiropractors of tomorrow with the best possible education, creating leaders in spinal health and ambassadors for the profession. As well, your contribution enables us to invest in chiropractic research, foster interprofessional collaboration and strategic partnerships with other health care professions, academic institutions and corporate and community organizations, raising the profile, integration and growth of chiropractic across our country.

Recent initiatives

  • CMCC is at the forefront of integrated care through our expanded role at St. Michael’s Hospital’s new Academic Family Health Care Team in Toronto
  • A groundbreaking new articulation agreement with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) enables qualified students to complete a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) in Kinesiology and Doctor of Chiropractic degree in just seven years
  • New collaborations for faculty and researchers include the UOIT-CMCC Research Centre for the Study of Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation, opened in July
  • CMCC received ministerial consent to award a Doctor of Chiropractic degree for an unprecedented 10 year period
  • Enhanced laboratory facilities include computerised force sensing tables to accelerate improvements in our student’s adjusting techniques; sophisticated patient simulation manikins and a gait laboratoryExpanded benefit offerings

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