Services to the Public

Our Clinics

In addition to our on-campus walk-in clinic, CMCC has a network of external chiropractic clinics throughout the Greater Toronto Area that care for 5,500 patients in 54,000 visits each year. These community based clinics give our students and interns a broader clinical experience with more focused patient populations, including Toronto’s urban aboriginal community, adults and children who are behaviourally, mentally and physically challenged, and patients with HIV/AIDS. Many clinics are multi-disciplinary environments where our chiropractors work together with a variety of health professionals.

Rehabilitation Services

In its mission to develop the best chiropractors, and provide quality clinical services to the community, the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College operates the Department of Rehabilitation services in conjunction with its network of chiropractic teaching clinics.

For employers, we provide a broad range of ergonomic and pre-employment assessments.  Our multidisciplinary team of health care professionals can deliver the most current WSIB Programs of care. 

Let our team of professionals help manage your rehabilitative challenges!


Acupuncture, a Chinese form of medicine, is thought to work in two ways. It alters body chemicals, including stimulation of endorphins, and acupuncture sensations effect nerves and cause beneficial reflex response.

Location: Campus  Clinic
Phone: 416 482 2546
Cost: Initial assessment $90 (60 minutes) Subsequent visit $50 (20 minutes) IMS/Dry Needling $60 For any combination of treatments $80
Clinic Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 4:15pm - 7:15pm : Friday 7:30am - 10:30am

Sports Therapy

In support of our mission to develop the best chiropractors and to provide the highest level of care to the community CMCC operates a network of teaching and specialty service clinics.

Our Sports Injury Clinic has been developed to provide exceptional clinical services to an active community.

When you attend our clinic, you will be assessed by one of our chiropractic sports specialists and a chiropractic intern with special interests in sports injury management. Our chiropractic sports specialists complete a comprehensive, two year postgraduate program in sports injury management. They are certified by the college of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada) and recognized as an expert-provider group by the Canadian Olympic Committee. Chiropractic sports specialists are experts in the examination and correction of body mechanics which can influence injury recovery, injury prevention and overall athletic performance.

Digital Diagnostic Services

When Chiropractors need someone to take or interpret their patients’ X-rays, they count on the qualified chiropractic radiologists at CMCC. Chiropractors in the GTA can send their patients to CMCC to be x-rayed. If they have the X-rays but need an interpretation or second opinion, they can send us their radiographs (from anywhere), digitally or by courier. For either service or both, the cost is the same. Contact Dr. Hsu at 416 482 2340 x143.

Please note: costs below are for radiology reading. 

Plain film spinal or extremity series $30
Each additional series on the same patient      $20
MRI study             $45
Full spine series            $40
CT study            $45