How to Voice Concerns

Patient Complaint Resolution Program

At the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) your interns and clinicians are highly trained in the provision of evidence-based, quality chiropractic care. In our clinics, your comfort and well being is our first priority and we are committed to providing you with optimum care for your physical complaint.

Should you have a complaint about an experience you’ve had in one of our clinics, we have initiated a patient complaint resolution program. Through this program, we can support your rights, assist you in solving problems and empower you to voice your concerns.

As an overseer for your care and treatment at any CMCC clinic, your intern’s supervising clinician is available to speak with you informally about any issue you may have about your visit. This may range from an aspect of your care to an administrative issue such as billing or fees. You may arrange a discussion with a clinician by calling the specific clinic and speaking with the clinician or booking an appointment.

If the issue cannot be resolved in this way, we invite you to complete a complaint reporting form and return it to a CMCC clinic.

There are three ways to return the form to CMCC:

  1. Return the form to a Patient Feedback Form Box, located at each of the CMCC teaching clinics at the patient reception area
  2. Fax the form to CMCC Campus Clinic at 416 646 1115
  3. Mail the form to:
    Patient Complaint Resolution Program
    CMCC Campus Clinic
    6100 Leslie Street
    Toronto, Ontario M2H 3J1 

The Associate Dean, Clinics, will contact you within 24 hours of having received the complaint form from clinic administration. If you are unavailable, we will contact you at the first opportunity to initiate resolution.

If you have questions about the form or would like to speak to someone in confidence about any part of this process, please contact Susan Rutherford, Manager of Clinic Administration at 416 482 2340, x 109.