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Patient Care

Hands on. Interactive. Engaging.


In Years I, II and III, students receive almost 3,000 hours of education and hands-on clinical training. In Year IV they apply this knowledge in a real clinic setting as chiropractic interns in CMCC’s teaching clinics, under the supervision of clinical faculty. CMCC has a network of external chiropractic clinics throughout the Greater Toronto Area that care for 5,500 patients in 54,000 visits each year. Many clinics are multi-disciplinary environments where our chiropractors work together with a variety of health professionals. These community based clinics give our students and interns a broader clinical experience with more focused patient populations, including Toronto’s urban aboriginal community, adults and children who are behaviourally, mentally and physically challenged, and patients with HIV/AIDS.


If you are a first time patient thinking of coming to one of our clinics, you will have questions. What is chiropractic? Why should I go to a CMCC clinic? What will happen when I get there? What will it cost? How long will I have to keep going? Following our links provided above will help you find the answers.