Graduate Student Services

The Student Services Office is available to support all graduate students with counseling, housing, and parking. Graduate students are encouraged to review the additional facilities and activities that are available on campus, including the Supply Centre and Bookstore, an exercise room, pool and cafeteria.


As well as full access to the CMCC Library, CMCC provides most of the office facilities utilized by the graduate students, including work space, storage area and telephone. Graduate students have access to necessary supplies, photocopying, an institutional fax machine, and the audio visual department.

Laboratory resources and supplies are available as necessary based on the CMCC or collaborative institution faculty theme of research in which the graduate student is being mentored.

Financial Support

Graduate students also receive complimentary membership in CMCC. Bursaries and Fellowships are available based on review of historic academic/professional performance and continued achievement in the program.

The Division of Graduate Studies provides funds for professional development for graduate students, including attendance at seminars, conferences and workshops which are directly relevant to their CMCC experience. These activities must be discussed in detail with their Coordinator and approved by the Director, Graduate Studies prior to the event and are limited by available budget. Please contact

A graduate student may be offered the role of teaching assistant. See Employment Opportunities for more information.

Contact Us

Student Services
Tel: 416 482 2344
Tel: 1 800 463 2923
Fax: 416 646 1114

To Contact Graduate Admissions

6100 Leslie Street, Toronto, ON M2H 3J1 Canada
Tel:  416 482 2344 x 246 (local)
Fax: 416 482 2560