Academic Counselling

Counselling and advising are available to all students in a number of ways. Academic standards and regulations apply to all students -- but the unique circumstances facing students in personal diffculty, international students, students with disabilities, and students in academic difficulty may require you to seek out individualized support in a number of ways.  The Directors of Education and the Student Services Team work closely together to coordinate support for students who require assistance, so please reach out and get help if you need it.  If you start with Student Services (Room 220) or your Director of Education, then we can figure out the best way to help you.  


Missed Exams
If you miss an exam for an unforseen circumstance such as illness or accident, please report this to your Director of Education no later than one day following the examination in order to discuss a request for a deferred exam. You must also provide the Director of Education with a completed Verification of Student Illness or Injury Form within three business days of the absence. Please download and fill out the required Verification Form.

Peer Tutoring
Peer Tutoring is available to all students in any subject or aspect of a subject. Through a review of concepts and coaching/mentorship, tutees begin to acquire alternate ways of learning course material. Students are matched with a tutor either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, depending on the need. Peer tutors are paid on an escalating scale starting at $13.00 per hour of service, and they report consolidating their own knowledge in the process of helping another student learn. Tutees pay $100.00 for 10 hours of tutoring (which is subsidized by CMCC) and they report improved confidence and grades. Please see Wendy Court in Student Services to discuss our Peer Tutoring Program and pick up tutor and tutee application forms. Email contact:

Personal Counselling

The Student Success Counsellor provides free supportive counseling to help students with personal or academic issues, and to assist chiropractic interns with a variety of concerns related to their work with patients.

One of the most helpful ways of dealing with stress, anxiety or difficult situations and feelings is to talk about them with an experienced counselor. Counselling provides a rare opportunity to talk to someone without being judged. Typically it involves the exploration of problems in an objective and supportive environment.

Personal counseling is free to enrolled students. To make an appointment, please contact Karen Rice, M.Ed, Student Success Counsellor, at 416-482-2340, ext. 104, Appointments may also be made in person through Wendy Court at or Fern Ariste at in Student Services.