Student Activities

Students' Council organizes many activities for students through clubs and operating the CMCC athletic facilities.


Advancing Science In Chiropractic

The Advancing Science in Chiropractic club provides a forum in which the world’s leading musculoskeletal researchers can present to the students of CMCC. The aim is to foster the students’ development as evidence based practitioners.

Chiropractic Business Club

The CMCC Business Club established in 2004, aims to expose students to the small business aspect of running a Chiropractic practice. We meet regularly to host a variety of guest speakers who provide their expertise in a given aspect of running a practice and managing financials. Guests have discussed topics such as financial planning, business plans, marketing, preparing for practice, disability insurance and practice types. All students are always welcome to attend any of our meetings.

Chiropractic Research Rounds

The Chiropractic Research Rounds Club was developed by recent CMCC graduates (Dr. Alex Lee & Dr. Farhan Khandwalla, Class of ‘07) who realized the value in a club for students in all years of study. This club balances evidence based medicine with clinical practice through presentations given by students and guest lecturers (including clinicians, residents, external practitioners and specialty professionals), on recent and relevant literature. Because health care advances rapidly, it is imperative for students, interns and practitioners to remain current on recent research topics. The Chiropractic Research Rounds Club prepares students for clinic and provides an opportunity for interns and clinicians to remain up to date, while facilitating evidence based and clinical contemplation.

Christian Chiropractic Fellowship (CCF)

The aim of CCF is to come together as a faith based community within CMCC with the purpose of glorifying God and uplifting one other in fellowship. The club is designed to help one another grow spiritually in our time at CMCC in the midst of busy schedules and studying, and acts as a remember to keep in perspective what is truly important. Past events include speakers, bible studies and discussion.

Chiropractic Without Borders

The Chiropractic Without Borders (CWB) club mandate is to promote the involvement of chiropractors in minority health while increasing the fair accessibility to health care services to all populations. The group also strives to provide research-based education and knowledge both to prospective patients, as well as to fellow students about world health issues.

CMCC and CWB have worked collaboratively to provide mission opportunities to chiropractic interns since 2008. The goal is to send one group of 4th year interns to assess, to offer treatment, and to promote health in underserved areas of the world. Along with the 4th year intern members, students from 1st to 3rd year are invited to become members and to assist in the preparation of the upcoming missions.

Environmental Club

The Chiro Enviro Club (CEC) is committed to encouraging and promoting environmental awareness around campus and in the community. All individuals are encouraged to participate in exchanging ideas that will improve waste reduction, energy efficiency, and other eco-issues that affect the learning and working environment at CMCC.

Friends In Chiropractic Club

Friends in Chiropractic invites speakers to discuss the principles, philosophy and practice of chiropractic. All open minded and critical thinking individuals are encouraged to participate. Speakers within the chiropractic community will often cover topics such as practice styles, philosophies, techniques and practice management concepts. The club is a resource for students and provides opportunities for them to meet and discuss relevant topics with practicing chiropractors.

The Geriatric Connection

The Geriatric Connection is dedicated to educating students in the importance of patient focused care for the geriatric population. We inform students with regard to professional interactions with the elderly through events such as interactive seminars, volunteer work at seniors’ residences and external conferences. In turn, outreach to the geriatric population raises awareness of chiropractic services that are available and may help improve their quality of life.

Interprofessional Education (IPE) Council

IPE Council is designed to encourage integration and collaboration among professional health care students through maintaining open communication and a commitment to health care improvement. IPE Council believes that by working together, health care students can contribute significantly to a unified health care community. We believe that by building stronger bridges, health care delivery can better benefit the patient, the providers and ultimately the entire system.

Men’s Hockey Club

The Men’s Hockey Club is one of the most active clubs at CMCC. With over 30 members, many playing actively each week, the club has a strong presence both at CMCC and throughout the GTA. We currently ice 3 teams playing at York University in the Adult Safe Hockey League and plan to attend tournaments in the GTA and beyond. We have a long-standing reputation and are current Chiro Games hockey finalists. The Men’s Hockey Club is supervised by Dr. Brian Schut.

Women’s Hockey Team: CMCC Carvers

The Women's Hockey Team is alive, strong and growing! We play once a week in a community league during the winter season and in 1-2 tournaments a year, in surrounding cities such as Oshawa and Etobicoke. The team consists of players with varying levels of experience and skill. All players are welcome!

Motion Palpation Institute Club

Motion Palpation Institute Club promotes the learning and practical application of motion palpation, a diagnostic technique used by chiropractors to locate joint dysfunction within the spinal column and the extremities. The Motion Palpation Institute Club helps students improve motion palpation techniques as well as improve the efficiency in manual adjusting techniques.

Martial Arts Club

CMCC Martial Arts Club was created for the purpose of giving people interested in martial arts an outlet to train and learn in the comfort of the school’s gymnasium. Instruction in different styles and techniques is offered for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Currently we offer classes in Muay Thai with additional art forms to come based upon availability of instructors. The first half of each class consists of a cardio/fitness routine to high-energy music. The second half of the class consists of training in technique and form. Classes are 1.5 to 2 hrs long, 2 per week. Equipment required is shorts, a top, and a towel. Shoes are optional. Hand wraps and bag gloves are provided but if you have your own it would be appreciated if you could bring them. Cost is an optional donation to your class’s grad fund.

Outdoor Activity Klub

Outdoor Activity Klub (OAK) is dedicated to planning exciting adventures for students who enjoy keeping active in the outdoors. In the past, events have included paint-balling, rock-climbing, the Winter Cavitation trip and white-water rafting.

Paediatrics Club

The Paediatrics Club aims to educate and inspire CMCC students regarding the importance of chiropractic care for the paediatric population. We provide an opportunity for members to learn about its benefits, recognize some orthopaedic assessments and techniques, as well as understand the available research. Our mission is to help students learn both the art and science of paediatric chiropractic.

Soft Tissue Club

The Soft Tissue Club at CMCC offers hands-on exposure and discussion on soft tissue management techniques including, but not limited to: Trigenics, massage therapy, augmented soft tissue mobilization, and various stretching techniques (P.I.R., P.N.F., etc). Students will have the opportunity to gain experience in these techniques with CMCC clinicians, various practitioners in the field and other students who have certifications or course hours in a variety of different soft tissue management systems.

Sports Club

The Sports Club provides students with interactive presentations from prominent speakers in the realm of sports injuries, sports medicine practices, sports nutrition, diagnostic techniques and treatment protocols. The club offers students in-depth exposure to sport specific practices as an adjunct to the CMCC curriculum. Club presenters offer their research and clinical expertise to students in an open forum and encourage active learning in a casual environment.

CMCC Stump Jumpers

CMCC Stumpjumpers is a club dedicated to uniting mountain bike enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy and experience the many local bike trails around the Greater Toronto Area. Some of the activities include organized trail rides, sessions on bike maintenance, and planned trips to external mountain bike venues.

Thompson Technique Club

Thompson Technique is a full spine technique emphasizing high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) adjustments using a drop table mechanism. The goal of the Thompson Club is to introduce students to the theory and application of this technique. Through a hands-on environment, the students will have the opportunity to learn the leg length analysis and corresponding adjustments. Thompson Technique benefits doctors (and students) by decreasing adjusting forces and limiting the body’s wear and tear. Many geriatric, pediatric and acute patients also prefer it because of the low force and decreased rotation.

World Congress Of Chiropractic Students (WCCS)

WCCS members have an interest in the realities of practicing in different countries. Representatives attend an annual international congress where delegates of chiropractic schools from around the world debate proposals on issues relevant to chiropractic students and the profession. The club organizes presentations on practicing chiropractic in various countries, and includes such information as the country’s chiropractic philosophy and the process of becoming certified there.