Clinical Skills Diagnostic Laboratory

CMCC has four Gaumard Manikins as part of the Clinical Skills Diagnostic Laboratory. Hal, Suzie, Harold and Sally are programmed simulated patients, capable of demonstrating a range of conditions and responding to treatment. They are audio capable and have been set up by CMCC in such a way that student-manikin interactions can be recorded for appropriate feedback and future learning, using the METI Learning Space audiovisual system.

These simulated patients are currently used in a number of scenarios created to help students respond to various health-related situations, including emergencies such as cardiac arrest. CMCC is the first chiropractic program in North America to use and incorporate this technology into its curriculum.

Since the inception of this technology, CMCC graduates have reported life-saving interventions, many of which they have attributed in part to the preparation they received while working with the Manikins and the scenarios created for this purpose.

Gaumard Manikins

Our Gaumard Manikins are capable of a range of functions including the capability of emulating vital signs, pupillary changes and treatment responses. Embedded microphones and speakers make it possible for simulation facilitators to give them a voice, making clinical scenarios more realistic for  those charged with assessment and care. Below is a photo of Hal and Suzie in a real life situation.

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Dr. David Starmer
Coordinator, CMCC Simulation Laboratory
6100 Leslie Street
Toronto, ON M2H 3J1



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