Big News for the Work Disability Prevention Program!


As of September 2017, the Work Disability Prevention (WDP) program is being offered through UOIT in collaboration with CMCC as a two-year Graduate Studies Diploma available part-time and online.

Why it is so important today?

In Canada, the cost of work-related disability is more than $6.7 billion every year. Disability stakeholders such as employers, insurers and healthcare providers are challenged to find new and innovative approaches to managing the health and productivity of the workforce and to enable workers who have sustained an injury or disability to regain their place in the workforce.

A unique opportunity for innovation in the workplace

This graduate diploma focuses on the uptake and implementation of new knowledge for practising professionals working in health-related fields and targets both the societal networks and complexities of return to work coordination. The program goes beyond diagnosis to explore root causes of disability and offers health care practitioners another way to extend their education while remaining engaged in their core discipline. The diploma will provide graduates with a competitive edge in our knowledge-based global economy. Graduates will come away with evidence-informed leadership skills to innovate the workplace and the health care system and address the demands of the private and public workforce.

For chiropractors and other health professionals, the WDP diploma program is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge into the various influences surrounding disability and leverage this understanding to aid individuals in returning to work.

For further information, visit UOIT Graduate Programs.