Dr. John Clubine was the first acting Dean at CMCC and held that position until 1948 when Dr. Rudy O. Muller was appointed Dean. He also held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dr. Muller has graduated from Lincoln Chiropractic College and continue his tenure until 1953 when Dr. Earl Homewood, who has been on faculty since the inception of CMCC, was appointed Administrative Dean and held the post until 1960. In the 1960’s Dr. Don McMillan, Dr. Herbert Hime and Dr. Ron Watkins held the deanship for short periods.

Dr. Herbert Vear became Dean in 1969 and continued in that capacity until 1976. Dr. Terry Watkins was appointed Dean in 1978 with Dr. Alan Adams assuming the post in the following year. Dr. Adams tenure greatly advanced the academic program at CMCC and was highlighted by the addition of some exceptional faculty members including Dr. John Duckworth a renowned anatomist from the University of Toronto, and Dr. Bill Peek.

In 1985 Dr. David Dainty, PhD was appointed Academic Dean, and in 1993, Dr. John P. Mrozek (Class of ’76) assumed the position of the Academic Dean.

We would like to remember lecturers in those early year.

Dr. Duncan Allen was the first faculty member hired and he was assigned to teach anatomy.

Dr. Earl Homewood assisted in the chiropractic department and later anatomy. Al Bailey taught physiology; Ron Smith laboratory, Hal Stevens chemistry and physics. Dr. Keith Kennedy and Dr. Herb Lee taught chiropractic techniques. Dr. Ron Watkins and Dr. Richard Wynn taught chiropractic technique. As time progressed some graduates joined the faculty, while others became leaders in the associations. The first graduates to join the faculty were Dr. William Ketcheson, Dr. Harold Carter and Dr, Lynn Beazer.

One of the most beloved and respected professors at CMCC in the most recent times was Dr. John W. Duckworth. His goal was the creation of an anatomy museum similar to the University of Toronto’ Grant’s Museum of Anatomy, which Dr. Duckworth also helped to develop. In honour of his memory, the J. W. A. Duckworth Memorial Museum of Anatomy was established by CMCC in 1995 with donations from colleagues, family and students. Many of his own dissections are displayed at the museum.


As the only English speaking chiropractic college in Canada, we are fortunate enough to have the most outstanding students. Reflecting on our past, students have always been involved in many activities of students’ life from becoming member of clubs and associations, participating in intramural sports, volunteering for committees, writing for the school newspaper etc.

In 1999, the first graduating class of CMCC, Class of 1949 celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.