Sports Sciences Program (Two years)

The Sports Sciences program provides an experience based on academic and practical interactive exposure to the field of health care in sports. The program trains chiropractic sports scientists for teaching in chiropractic programs; conducting academic research; and participating in multidisciplinary sports injury care environments.


Further information can be found below:

  1. Coursework
  2. Practica
  3. Teaching
  4. Research

Additional opportunities for students in residency programs

  • Graduate students may work as research assistants under the direction of a faculty researcher. Positions may also be available in a CMCC Research Center. Find further information about the Residency Program Research Assistant Opportunities.
  • Graduate students may work as examiners for HPD and OSCE examination in the department of Undergraduate Education.
  • Graduate students may apply for additional teaching opportunities in the department of Undergraduate Education.


For further details, please download the current CMCC Academic Calendar (PDF).