Clinical Sciences Program (Two years)

Coordinator: P. Stern

The Clinical Sciences graduate program emphasizes advanced clinical training, critical thinking, academics, teaching and research. The program provides an interactive experience, based on academic and practical multidisciplinary exposure in hospital settings. Knowledge is applied to the practice and teaching of chiropractic programs and upon completion of the program, graduates often pursue careers in areas of clinical consulting, research, and as scholars capable of participating in a multidisciplinary environment.

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Diagnostic Imaging Program (Three years)

Coordinator: TBA

The Diagnostic Imaging program emphasizes advanced imaging reading skills, academics, teaching and research. The program provides an experience based on academic and interactive exposure with radiologists in various clinical settings. The program develops chiropractic radiologists who have acquired advanced skills and competencies in diagnosis of pathologies; contraindications to spinal manipulative therapy; and expertise in reading  plain film radiographs and special imaging.

The program utilizes a syllabus put forth by the American College of Chiropractic Radiology (ACCR) to guide the academic portion of the program. The academic portion is broadly divided into the following domains: Principles of diagnostic imaging and radiation health; Musculoskeletal imaging; Chest imaging; Abdominal imaging; Neuro-imaging.

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Sports Sciences Program (Two years)

Coordinator: M. Kazemi

The Sports Sciences program emphasizes academics, teaching, on-field and clinical participation, and research. The program provides an experience based on academic and practical interactive exposure to the field of health care in sports. The program trains chiropractic sports scientists for teaching in chiropractic programs; conducting academic research; and participating in multidisciplinary sports injury care environments.

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*The CMCC Graduate Studies diploma does not give the graduate the right to practise as a chiropractic specialist. He/she must first achieve Fellowship status by fulfilling the qualifications required by the respective Specialty Colleges.