• During an interprofessional scenario,  Leah Glassman, Class of '11, found herself treating manikin Sally in simulated cardiac arrest. Here are Glassman’s words just after completing the scenario: “Perhaps because of the element of surprise, my heart was pumping fast as I was trying to keep Suzie’s condition from worsening, and for a moment, I forgot she was a manikin.”
  • “The IPE experience with CMCC was extremely positive and the students were able to work together successfully while respecting scope of practice. I hope we can do it again in near future.” Wendy McGillis, Professor and Year One Coordinator of the Paramedic Program, Centennial College
  • "When I began my clinical internship, I was a little timid with my adjusting. Working with the Force Sensing Tables and Drs. Giuliano and Starmer allowed me to understand the fundamental concepts of chiropractic adjustment.” Demetry Assimakopoulos, Class of '11
  • Dr. Guari Shankar, Council Member of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario toured the CMCC Simulation Laboratory and tried the technology. “I had a great experience in the Simulation Lab and with the Force Sensing Tables...I would have loved this technology while I was in school.
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