Meet Our Clinicians

CMCC Campus Clinic

Dr. Sean Abdulla

Dr. Chris DeGraauw

Dr. Jarrod Goldin

Dr. Robert Gringmuth

Dr. Alex Lee

Dr. Danny Myrtos

Dr. Brad Muir

Dr. Andy Pulinec

Dr. Andrew Romanelli

Dr. Les Wiltshire

Massage Therapy

Alan Fung


CMCC’s Clinic at Sherbourne Health

Dr. Janet D’Arcy

Dr. Cam Borody

Dr. Jaclyn Kissel

Dr. Patricia Tavares

Dr. Kwong Chiu


CMCC’s Clinic in the Rexdale Community Health Centre

Dr. Matthew Barrigar


CMCC’s Clinic in St. Michael’s Hospital

Dr. Chadwick Chung

Dr. Igor Steiman


CMCC’s Clinic in the Bowmanville Health Centre

Dr. Lara DeGraauw

Dr. Edward Crowther


CMCC’s Clinic in St. John Rehab

Dr. Scott Howitt


CMCC’s Clinic in the South Riverdale Community Health Centre

Dr. David Lee

Dr. Glen Harris


CMCC’s Bronte Harbour Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Natalia Lishchyna

Dr. Bryan Porter