Intern Experience

Sherbourne Health Talk

Thank you to everyone who was able to join the special presentation on Sherbourne Health brought to you by CMCC’s LGBTQ2+ Alliance Club.

CMCC opened a clinic at Sherbourne Heath on May 16, 2001. This was a remarkable day for CMCC, providing us the opportunity to partner with an organization that catered their health care services and programs to an underserved population such as the LGBTQ community. Today, CMCC and Sherbourne Health continue to work together to provide dignified, appropriate services to patients and address specific LGBTQ health issues and MSK issues for patients from all communities.

Please enjoy this presentation by Dr. Anthony Tibbles on the rich history of the partnership between CMCC and Sherbourne Health.

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Virtual Outreach Showcase

The Clinical Outreaches Program is an important initiative offered by CMCC, which integrates our clinics into the community and enables interns to engage with members of the public. Outreaches can be educational or treatment based, and each intern is required to participate in this program as a graduation requirement.

Since we have gone virtual, the outreach program has changed quite a bit. A creative way that interns have been continuing with the outreach program virtually, is by creating educational videos that have been posted on CMCC’s social media platforms.

Here is an Information Outreach video put together by Dr. Alex Lee’s Patient Management Team on “Exercise Snacks”!

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Community Based Clinical Education Program (CBCEP)

CMCC has developed the Community Based Clinical Education Program (CBCEP) for Year IV interns who are prepared to move out into the field under the supervision of a CMCC approved chiropractor. Through this program, interns are placed with field practitioners for a portion of their internship in order to receive hands-on experience in a private practice environment. These field practitioners must meet specific selection criteria, including being a member of CMCC. Currently, students are able to participate in the CBCEP in the following provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. For more information on this program, please contact Susan Rutherford or Jacquelyn Wingrove .