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CMCC works to continuously improve its programs, its research capacity, and its ability to support chiropractic. Key to our success is the support we receive through alumni, members and donors, as a not-for-profit institution that receives no government funding. We are continually working on ways to return the favour.

Our Alumni

We’re committed to serving our alumni in their lifelong relationship with CMCC.  We offer the use of the Health Sciences Library, annual events such as Homecoming, and Continuing Education Programs. For those who wish to interact and provide feedback, we encourage interest in membership on the Board or on committees.

Our Members

As a CMCC Member you will receive benefits designed to help your practice thrive. This includes discounts on orthotics, free orthotics, discounts on Continuing Education programs, bookstore purchases and CMCC events, plus free access to online databases of vital information pertaining to chiropractic. You can also save up to 40% on group auto and home insurance. All of the benefits can be viewed under shortcuts in the Membership Benefits section. You also help CMCC push the frontiers of chiropractic education and research to build the authority of the profession, and positively impact your practice.

Our Donors and Supporters

You don’t have to be a chiropractor to be part of the growth of chiropractic and CMCC. Many generous friends become donors. You can also support CMCC with planned giving that allows you to maximize tax savings and make a substantial donation to a cause that you care about.

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