Admission Process

Academic Component

The minimum academic requirement for consideration for admission is a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 on CMCC's 4.0 scale from the last three full years (15 full year courses or 90 credit hours) of undergraduate university study in Canada, as of our application deadline.  Marks obtained from graduate work are not calculated into the CGPA. All academic requirements must be completed no later than May 31st of the year of registration at CMCC. 

Applicants holding Master's or Doctoral degrees at the time of the application deadline, and who otherwise qualify for admission, will be ranked at the 75th percentile of the admission pool or according to their undergraduate academic CGPA, whichever is higher.

Interview Component

Interviews are granted to applicants who meet the required undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. The behavioural-based interview lasts approximately 30 minutes.

The interview team considers six competencies that have been identified as being vital for success in chiropractic education:

The Student as a:

  1. Communicator
  2. Collaborator
  3. Manager
  4. Health Advocate
  5. Professional
  6. Scholar

Qualified candidates are notified of an interview date and details. Applicants who have not been granted an interview will also be notified. The interview fee is due in advance of the interview.

Telephone interviews may be granted in cases where applicants are residing outside of Canada. All interviews are conducted in English.

Preparing for your interview

We recommend that applicants take a tour of CMCC with one of our Student Ambassadors. To book a campus tour please review the campus visits page.

If you are interested in sitting in on a Year I lecture please contact, or call 416-482-2344 or 1-800-463-2923 a few days prior to your planned visit to identify which lectures will be available to you. 

As well, we recommend our applicants gain personal chiropractic experience through job shadowing, volunteering at a chiropractic clinic or becoming a chiropractic patient, if they are not already one. We also recommend you conduct your own research on the chiropractic profession and have provided links to suggested readings for your interest.


Enrolment is limited, and CMCC will select the most qualified candidates for admission. The Admissions Committee, in making its final selection, considers the academic assessment, interview and all other information submitted with the application.


All applicants will be notified of their application outcome by mid-March.

Some applicants may be given conditional offers of admission pending the successful completion of CMCC's academic entrance requirements. All courses must be successfully completed by the end of the winter term prior to admission or the offer of admission will be withdrawn.

Unsuccessful applicants who wish to reapply are required to complete a new application and resubmit supporting documentation. Applicants reapplying for admission are required to meet the submission deadline for the next application cycle.

Admission Costs

Online Application (non-refundable) 


Interview (non-refundable)  


Application for transfer (non-refundable) 


Confirmation of acceptance (non-refundable)

($250 of this will be credited to Year I tuition) 


Acceptance of Offer

Applicants receiving an admission offer must confirm their intention to attend CMCC by submitting the following:

  • A completed Registration form
  • A non-refundable acceptance fee
  • A post-dated cheque for the first tuition instalment

Attendance at Orientation

All applicants accepted and registered for the first professional year at CMCC are expected to be present on the first day of orientation. There are significant administrative and academic activities which take place throughout the orientation week to prepare students for their first week of classes.

Documentation Required Two Months Prior to Start Date

  • Results of a two-step tuberculin test (within last six months) or chest X-ray (within last 12 months). A positive test result must be reported to the Admissions Office.
  • Current Certificate of Standard First Aid and CPR Level C (which covers adults, children and infants). Such courses may be completed with St. John’s Ambulance (, the Red Cross (, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board ( or other organizations offering these programs.

Apply Now


To Contact Admissions

The Admissions Office is open Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm,
6100 Leslie Street, Toronto, ON M2H 3J1 Canada
Tel:  1 800 463 2923 (toll free)
Tel:  416 482 2344 (local)
Fax: 416 646 1114