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President's Biography

Jean A. Moss, DC, MBA


CMCC President Dr. Jean Moss

Dr. Moss obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic designation from CMCC in 1970 and her MBA from York University in 1988. While maintaining a private practice as a chiropractor, Dr. Moss joined the faculty of CMCC and, for the next twenty years, enjoyed a successful career as an educator, clinical supervisor and administrator.


Dr. Moss was appointed President of the CMCC in 1991. She is the first woman to serve as President of CMCC and is currently the only female head of a chiropractic program in North America. During her tenure as President, CMCC has prospered - developing an international reputation for the quality of its programs and the competence of its graduates - and has achieved three firsts in Canadian history: the first chiropractic clinic in a teaching hospital; the first chiropractic research clinic in a university faculty; and, the first chiropractic residents on a hospital ward. Currently CMCC is working with other countries to help raise the standards of chiropractic education internationally.

In 2004, Dr. Moss became President of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges, the first non-American to hold the position. She has made numerous presentations at conferences worldwide and has been involved in the development and planning of conferences internationally.