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Membership Resources for Students – Upon enrolment at CMCC, students can take advantage of numerous alumni resources such as part-time chiropractic and non-chiropractic employment opportunities, access to chiropractors in the field through networking opportunities, social gatherings, and career fairs, and access to a comprehensive database of national and international job listings.

Membership for new graduates – All new graduates from CMCC and other chiropractic programs receive a complimentary membership in their first year of practice and can take advantage of several exclusive benefits which can result in significant savings. For further information, please call 416 482 2340 / 1 800 669 2959 x 146 or 184 or email us at

Membership Categories

First year Complimentary
Second year $162.50
Third year                                     $325.00
Fourth year $542.00
Fifth year $774.59
Senior* $542.00
Practicing, less than 12 hours per week $379.00
Licensed, non practicing $184.00
International $150.00

*more than 30 years in the profession

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Important access/contact information

  • CMCC Member’s Section – Click on MY CMCC and enter your login ID and password.
  • Free online CE course and other CE offerings – CE section 416 482 2340 x191
  • Library and online searching assistance 416 482 2340/1 800 669 2959 x 206
  • Supply Centre and Bookstore 416 482 1532/1 800 268 8940 online ordering:
  • Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 6100 Leslie Street, Toronto, Ontario M2H 3J1

For more information on how to become a member of CMCC, membership dues or any other question pertaining to membership, please call  1 800 669 2959 or 416 482 2340 x 146 or email us at


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