What if you could contibute to chiropractic education and research to improve the health of your community?


You can. CMCC and its facilities represent the future of Chiropractic in Canada. From 252 Bloor to 1900 Bayview to 6100 Leslie, our potential has expanded to fill each new environment, exceeded only by our commitment to the profession and to patients.

With your support, we will continue to evolve, offering a rigorous and innovative academic environment that is second to none.

  • CMCC’s academic program continues to set the standard in chiropractic education—graduating chiropractors who raise the bar for the entire profession, delivering quality health care to patients, and strengthening partnerships with other health care providers. 
  • CMCC’s research program is pushing the frontiers of chiropractic.

How can you help?

While we welcome donations at all levels, we invite you to consider a minimum donation of $6500. Payments can be made in a number of ways:

  • Make a one time donation
  • Pay in installments
  • Pay by credit card, post-dated cheque or automatic bank withdrawal 

Your donation will contibute to ...

  • Academic Program - CMCC is known internationally for its high academic standards. Achieving pass rates of 98% on domestic Board Exams and excelling at US Board Exams has earned our graduates a reputation that opens doors both at home and abroad.
  • Research - CMCC has one of the most innovative chiropractic research programs in North America. The quality and strength of our research is recognized worldwide. It improves the education of tomorrow’s chiropractors and results in more effective delivery of patient care.
  • Awards and Scholarships - For students, financing a professional program requires considerable planning, budgeting and support. To help balance costs, CMCC offers close to 100 scholarships, awards and bursaries, made possible through the generosity of supporters, to help talented students become chiropractors.
  • Building - CMCC’s campus at 6100 Leslie Street is a space designed to facilitate education, inspire learning and leadership, and foster the potential of tomorrow’s chiropractors. It is responsible for approximately 180 new graduates moving into the professional world each year in addition to a growing number of graduate students. Practical technical design, environmentally conscious building practices and architectural excellence make it attractive to faculty and students and a landmark for chiropractic in Canada.

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CMCC statistics
  • Over 700 students from across Canada and around the world
  • 200 staff including 60 part time and 60 full time faculty
  • 4 years of full-time study with 4,300 contact hours
  • Over 5,000 alumni in 35 countries