"Of all the national assets, Archives are the most precious: They are the gift of one generation to another and the extent of our care of them marks the extent of our civilization." - Arthur G. Doughty, Dominion Archivist, 1904-1935

CMCC Archives preserve the history of CMCC and of chiropractic. They hold a wealth of information relevant to the history and development of both CMCC and of chiropractic throughout Canada and North America. CMCC Archives is responsible for acquiring, appraising, and preserving historical materials in all media formats, from various sources. This includes CMCC records of permanent value and the private records of individuals and organizations associated with the college. CMCC Archives retains records, original documents, correspondence, special media items and some physical objects for their research and historical value. The archives currently houses nearly 150 linear meters of processed archival materials with nearly 100 finding aids to guide the researcher through the historical material.

Archives Database

The archives database is a searchable database containing records of all CMCC and private records held in the CMCC Health Sciences Library. It is updated on a regular basis. Search Database

A fonds record is a unique number assigned to each major group of records and is the highest level description of the record group. CMCC fonds numbers are identified by an F at the beginning of the fonds number: F2, for example, refers to the major record group belonging to The Office of the President. Finding aids for all fonds level records are available online. 

The database also includes individual items not associated with any larger record group (fonds). They are currently comprised of photographs.

To search the Archives Database, enter a search term. If you enter "Lee", for example, in the key word search field you will see a number of hits displayed on the left portion of the screen. At the top is the fonds level description for Lee. The fonds record is always displayed at the top of the list. If you click on the fonds link it will give a brief description of what is contained in the record group and if you click on the browse link beside "Record consists of"  it will show the various Series and Sub-series that make up the record group.
Click on the notepad symbol beside "Document(s)" and a PDF will open showing the contents of the files associated with Lee. This document is a guide to the contents of Lee but does not reproduce the contents themselves.
The other search results for Lee are item level results. To date all of these are scans of photographs. Click on the photo for one of them to enlarge the view.

Records described in this database are available for viewing in the Library during regular office hours.

Search Database